Hotels in Jaipur

Hotels in Jaipur

More About Jaipur

Jaipur, also known as “The Pink City of India” is one the most popular destinations in the country. A city rich in diversity, Jaipur has a lot of hotels as well. Jaipur hotels consist of a wide range of lodging - from luxurious resorts to 5 star, 4 star, 3 star to 2 star hotels, creating an accommodation for every budget. Hotels in Jaipur- it being the heritage city,are in large numbers in every nook and coer of the place. Capital of the rich and colorful Rajasthan, Jaipur is an amazing destination for those who love to explore the culture of Rajputs which also has a dash of Mughals. It is a city which encapsulates many forts and is adorably christened as the Pink City of India. This desert capital tempts the visitors with its remarkable remnants from the bygone era. It is a destination which must be on the list of the travellers who appreciate rich history and splendid architecture from the past. Visit this place to witness the ancient palaces and forts that manifest elaborate architecture and expansiveness of the royal heritage.

Jaipur, has always been a favorite among the tourist and the list surely reasons the same. If you haven’t experienced the richness, lavishness and the magnificence then you must pack your bags right now and head out. But if you have experienced it then it is time to live by those wonderful memories by re-visiting the place. Places of interest include Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, City Palace, HawaMahal, JantarMantar Observatory, Nahargarh Fort, Markets and Shopping, Monkey Temple or Galtaji, Albert Hall Museum and Elefantastic.

 With this wide range of tourist spots for sightseeing, this city is a must visit. Due to it being one of the most interesting places in India, there are numerous 5 star hotels in Jaipur. 5 star hotels in Jaipur are Crowne Plaza Jaipur Tonk Road, Fairmont Jaipur and Fortune Select Metropolitan, to mention a few.The hotels in Jaipur serve delicious cuisine such as “Dal Baati Churma”, “Missi Roti”, and “GattekiSabzi”. Sweet dishes include ”Ghevar,” Feeni” and “Gajak”.Jaipur has a rich culture with cultural sites like Jawahar Kala Kendra and RavindraManch. Also  Govement Central Museum hosts several arts and antiquities. In adding to its part as the regional capital, scholastic, and managerial center, the economy of Jaipur is powered by tourism, gemstone cutting, the production of jewelry and luxury textiles, and information technology. Jaipur is also famous for the” Jaipur Literature Festival”, the world's largest free literature festival in which country-wide authors, writers and literature lovers partake.

The 4 star hotels in Jaipur are completely occupied during the Jaipur literature festival. With great deals and amazing packages the 4 star hotels in Jaipur will definitely cater to your needs within your budget. 4 star hotels in Jaipur are Fortune Park Bella Casa, Golden Tulip Jaipur and Hotel Libra to mention a few. Located at a distance of 260 km from the Indian capital New Delhi, Jaipur forms a part of the Golden Triangle tourist circuit along with Agra. Hence, there are a number of 4 star hotels in Jaipur. In the year 2008 Conde Nast Traveller Readers Choice Survey, Jaipur was ranked the 7th best place to visit in Asia. Jaipur Exhibition & Convention Centre (JECC) is Rajasthan’s biggest convention and exhibition center. It is famous for organizing events such as ”Vastara”, and “Jaipur Jewelry Show”.

3 star hotels in Jaipur include Ashok Jaipur, Bharat Mahal Palace and Adhbhut Hotel to mention a few. The city has a delicious cuisine which the 3 star hotels in Jaipur serve, such as “Ker Sangri” and “Bajreki Roti”.  Sweet dishes include “MawaKachori” and “Chaugunikeladdu”, along with ”MoongThal”. Jaipur has many traditional shops selling antiques and handicrafts. The prior leaders of Jaipur supported a number of arts and crafts.They invited skilled artisans, artists and craftsmen from India and abroad who settled in the city. These are extremely popular in Jaipur -block printing, stone carving and sculpture, silver jewellery, gems, ”kundan”, ”meenakari and jewellery”, miniature paintings, blue pottery, ivory carving, shellac work and leather ware are also . The3 star hotels in Jaipur can accommodate you within your budget to experience all this.

Places Of Interest

Amber Fort

Perched on the hill top this fort was once the home for Rajput Royalty. It is beguiling, the mirror work on the walls would be smitten you and the breath-taking view of Maota Lake will surely leave you bewitched.The grandeur of the living standards of royals is undoubtedly awe-worthy.

Jaigarh Fort

One of the well-preserved military structures from medieval India, this massive fort was built in 1726. It is an interesting destination for those who are intrigued by the information and facts of war and weapons. It is flanked by the watchtowers and gateways, this fort has the world’s largest cannon on the wheels. It is within the walking distance from Amber Fort.

City Palace

As you visit the magnificent City palace there will be not tad doubt left in believing that royal family was actually the richest in India. The architecture is a beautiful amalgamation of Mughal and Rajasthani culture. It is a must visit for those who love to admire the splendour and the brilliance of the architecture and history. This palace also encapsulates museum, art gallery and interesting displays of royal costumes and old weapons.

Hawa Mahal

Another architectural brilliance and one of the unsolved mysteries as to how a building so old can be erected without the foundation. This intricate and intriguing façade-Hawa Mahal has rows of small windows and screens on it. As per the tales here; this building was constructed for women from royal families so that they can watch the street below without being observed. This building stands tall in the vibrant old Jaipur.

Jantar Mantar Observatory

This was built by King Jai Singh II between 1727 and 1734 and it actually means calculation instrument. It is a curious collection of sculptures, each sculpture is intriguing and has a specialized astronomical function. It is a great place and must be visited by those who love knowing the fascinating waysMaths was implemented in knowing the time of the day and position of the stars.

Nahargarh Fort

Famous from the movie Rang De Basanti this places is a favourite of Jaipurites. Nahargarh which is also known as Tiger Fort is perched high on the rugged Aravali Hills. The view of the city is marvellous and the experience while the sun bides good-bye is worthwhile.

Markets and Shopping

Jaipur is known for the colourful and vibrant clothes, shoes and accessories. The market in and around the old city has every hue of this multi-hued state. Stroll down and you can get everything you always wanted to take from here as a memory. Some of the most famous stuffs that one must get his/her hands on are gemstones, silver jewellery, bangles, clothes, textiles and blue pottery.

Monkey Temple or Galtaji

This ruinous but Hindu holy place is visited by many to perform one’s ablutions. The temple is between two giant granite cliffs with peaceful surroundings. This temple has three pools, one of which is taken over by monkeys, where they bath and play in water. No need to be scared they are friendly and love to be fed. For those who love some adventure whilst divinity then this is a befitting place.

Albert Hall Museum

History lovers love it, architectural aesthetes can’t miss it, a place that can inspire anyone and everyone. Albert Hall is an old and famous museum modelled on the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. It has the collection of portraits of the local kings and queens, their jewellery, costumes, paintings and art and craft.


An elephant farm is a place where you will be enchanted and fall in love with elephants. This place was started in 2012 to promote the well-being of these pachyderms. Here one will get to learn how to feed, wash and water them. Painting classes and decorating the elephants are also some of the interesting activities where you can participate. Safaris and rides on elephants also form part of the day.

How To Reach

Jaipur International Airport, located in the town of Sanganer, is 10 km from the city of Jaipur. It is well connected to major Indian airports. IGI Delhi is also well-connected by road.

National Highway 8 connects Jaipur to Delhi which is well connected to all major cities. National Highway 12 connects Jaipur to Kota, Baran District and National Highway 11 connects to Bikaner and Agra. State transport buses operate to all the parts of Rajasthan and New Delhi, Uttar pradesh, Haryana

Northern Railway has a well-connected network that connects Jaipur to New Delhi.

Best Time To Visit

Jaipur is a part of Rahjasthan- probably the hottest part of India. Though it is not part of the desert, Jaipur receives lower than average rainfall too. So, due to the constant high temperatures during the summer months, the best time to visit Jaipur is between September and March.