Hotels in Amritsar

Hotels in Amritsar

More About Amritsar

Well-known for temples and Gurdwaras, Amritsar is the Holy City in the state of Punjab. It is one of the foremost cities dating back to over 400 years. It is inteationally commended for the world famous Golden Temple and many other religious and other tourist attractions. The city is visited by thousands of pilgrims and tourists every year. It is full of luxury accommodations offering comfortable stay and delicious meals to the guests. The hotels in Amritsar attract a large number of inteational tourists due to their matchless luxuries and comforts. And all these accommodations are ideally located very close to the railway and road links.

All luxury 5 star hotels in Amritsar provide you with standard and value for money accommodation. The rooms are spacious and airy with all mode amenities such as inteet, satellite television, telephone, luxury beds, air-conditioner, refrigerator and a lot more. The bathrooms have been equipped with a shaving mirror, bathtub, bathrobes, etc. They also house a café and bar to relax guests with their favourite drinks and beverages. For business class, they have been provided with spacious meeting halls and conference facilities. 5 star hotels include Holiday Inn Amritsar, Hyatt Amritsar and Radisson Blu Hotel Amritsar. Sharing Indian-Pakistan Border, the Holy City of Amritsar is the land of various religious places such as the world famous Golden Temple and other sacred places like Durgiana Temple, Mata Mandir, Ram Tirath Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, etc. Amritsar also proves to be a great shopping destination with various shops markets and stores in and around the city. It is well-known for its affordable four star accommodations that offer all kinds of comforts and luxuries within budget.

All 4 star hotels in Amritsar city offer air-conditioned rooms hot and cold water, attached bathroom, generator stand by, meals on order, car parking, laundry service, travel assistance counter, multi-cuisine restaurant, bar and coffee shops for the comfort of the guests. The staff at 4 star hotels in Amritsar  are very friendly and make you feel at home by serving you in the best possible manner. These hotels are provided with state of the art business facilities including spacious meeting rooms, conference facilities and high-speed inteet. They also cater to your fitness and health needs with a perfect spa and mode gymnasium. This is perhaps the key reason why they are pulling huge crowds every day. The prime location of these hotels close to markets, stores, restaurants, bans, colleges, hospitals, tourist attractions, airport, railway lines, and road links makes them ideal for the guests. Places of interest are Golden Temple(Harmander Sahib), Durgiana Temple (Lakshmi Narayan Temple), Wagah Border, JallianWalaBagh, Ram Bagh and Ram Tirath. 4 star hotels include AVAAS Lifestyle, Best Weste Merrion and Golden Tulip. Amritsar is one of the biggest commercial and cultural centres in the heart of Punjab, India. The city is the spiritual and cultural centre of the Sikh religion and is well-known for the world famous temples such as Golden Temple, Durgiana Temple and other religious places. The holy city, Amritsar, derives its name from two Gurmukhi words “amrit” meaning the holy water and “sar” meaning a pond. Constructed by the fourth Sikh guru, Guru Ram Das, Amritsar houses the eminent Golden Temple. This Punjab city is the Mecca of the Sikhs, apart from various religious spots, the city also offers some incredible gardens and architecture marvels of the 20th century. If you want to spend a quality time with your family in the lap of inviolability, visit Amritsar.

It is home to various local markets, shops, stores, parks and lakes. Sharing Indo-Pak border, the area houses a wide range of affordable 3 star hotels to enable guests enjoy their holiday within their budget.

All 3 star hotels in Amritsar have been provided with every possible comfort ranging from inteet connectivity, LCD television, air-conditioned rooms, attached bathrooms laundry and daily housekeeping services. Guests can enjoy delicious local cuisines meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) here. Close to airport, road and railway links, the 3 star hotels in Amritsar prove to be ideal spaces for your stay. They are equipped with an ultra-mode fitness centre, spa and salon to cater to the health needs of the guests. For business travellers, they feature well-equipped meeting rooms, board rooms and conference facilities, thus allowing businessmen to organise small to big corporate events in the city. Backed by both recreational and business amenities, the three star accommodations in the city seem to be perfect for all types of the guests. 3 star hotels include Comfort Inn Alstonia, Country Inn Amritsar and Hotel City Park.

Places Of Interest

Golden Temple(Harmander Sahib)

Golden Temple is located in the holy city of the Sikhs, Amritsar. The full golden dome of the Harmander Sahib is the greatest attractions for tourists in Amritsar.The two storied marble structure is crowned with approximately 400 kg of gold leaf. According to a popular folklore, Valmiki had completed writing the epic, Ramayana at this spot. The clock tower preserves some of the earliest relics of the religion in form of a museum. The Golden temple complex accommodates various other sacred locations, like Akal Takht, Har Ki Pauri, Thara Sahib, GurudwaraIlachiBer, AthSathTirath and Bunga Baba Deep Singh.

Durgiana Temple (Lakshmi Narayan Temple)

This temple is one of the popular Hindu temples in the city, The architecture of this temple is inspired from the Golden Temple. Built in the early 20th Century, the temple has a central dome accompanied by several canopies similar to other Sikh structures.The eminent political leader and reformer Bharat RatnaMadan Mohan Malviya laid the foundation of this magnificent structure that serves as an archive of Hindu scriptures.

Wagah Border

A place where harmony between two logger-headed countries; India and Pakistan can be experienced-Wagah Border. The disciplined March of the armies during the Beating Retreat and the Change of Guard gives the spectacular view of the cross border brotherhood.


The famous historical site of India is still remembered because of the infamous killing of 2000 Indians on April 13, 1919. The event caused an agitation throughout the country and gave birth to some of best revolutionary minds of the Independence struggle. The bullets marks can still be seen on the wall. It is preserved along with the memorial well where people jumped in order to escape the death.

Ram Bagh

A beautiful garden in the holy city, Ram Bagh is the address to the summer palace of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The Maharaja constructed the garden as a tribute to Guru Ram Das. The palace's inbuilt cooling system gives an account of the architectural marvel of those times. Commemorating the valor of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, a lively statue of the warrior king has been erected at one end of the garden. Currently, the palace has been turned into a museum which preserves the paintings, weapons and a replica of the 'Kohinoor' diamond.

Ram Tirath

The ancient location of Sage Valmiki's recluse, Ram Tirath is a Hindu religious spot where myth exists that Sita, wife of Lord Rama, gave birth to her two sons.

How To Reach

Amritsar's international airport, Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport connects the city to other Indian cities. Many international flights also connect it to London, Birmingham, Melbourne and Sydney via Delhi. Also it has direct flights to Doha and Dubai.

Amritsar is located on the National Highway 1, which is famously known as the Grand Trunk Road (G.T Road). This establishes a good connectivity between Amritsar and other cities present on that stretch. The NHAI is planning to expand it to four-lanes.

The services of the Indian Railways connect Amritsar to almost all major cities within the national boundaries. Also, a special train connects the city through the international borders. Samjhauta Express was started in 1976 following the Shimla Pact and runs between Amritsar (India) and Lahore (Pak

Best Time To Visit

October to March: The season is ideal for sightseeing as the climate remains pleasant around this time of the calendar. The mercury dips to 4°C at night and remains nearly 18°-20° C in the daytime.