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Deepak Bhuwalka

I got to know about FindMyStay through relative

Got good hotel at a great price, the price of same hotel was offered at 25 to 30 % more that what i booked.

Tip: You can book 5 star hotel at the price of 4 star some time at the price of 3 star.


Awesome , Keep it up guys Unbelievable acquaintance if i say!

First I thought Its no way they going to give a lessor charge for the rooms But Wow after booking its really amazing :) 1000 Likes.

Tip: Check the hotel actual prices and bid.


Amazing deals - spectacular rates!!

Got to know about Find My Stay through Facebook posts. This was a pleasant surprise as I usually get cheated by such deals onlines. Got a perfect deal through Find My Stay. My first booking through Find My Stay and the price for the 4 star hotel was jawdropping. This is a great treat for all travelholics like me. Good luck to the Find My Stay Team.

Tip: Compare everywhere and you will still find the best deal on Find My Stay I can vouch for it.

Vijay Rathod

My Exp at Jaipur.

I loved the fact that i have got an amazing deal on this website. Leaves are hard to get by and when you get it its great to get great deals and find my stay just does that. I am looking forward to this much needed break and all thanks to find my stay. A happy customer indeed.

Tip: Always look out for some amazing discount coupons on offer.


Awesome. I have booked room in visakhapatnam through FindMyStay.

They have no competitors, in the real sense the price I got can not be compared. the support team is very very Responsiveand am very happy booking through FindMyStay.

Tip: They have some exciting discounts which can help you save a fortune on your next hotel trip.

Inderjit Singh Matta

I found FMS through Facebook and got instant benefit for my hotel stay and saved 30%.

I came to know about FMS through Facebook. The deals were so awesome that I cancelled a confirmed booking on another portal, booked through Find My Stay and saved about 30%. Overall experience was fantastic.

Tip: Try bidding using all start hotels, you may find better option.


Amazing deal for Chennai, for online hotel rates FMS is one of the best by other website online offer.

I got to know about FMS through a promotional mailer.

Tip: Exciting discount continues ever.

Karunakara K

FMS app is very user friendly and gives unbelievably low prices.

I got a 4/5 star hotel at Chennai for a song by using the app discount coupon. The price almost 30% of the actual rate which means a saving of 70%. This just a bonanza and can never be beaten by any other travel website. I sincerely wish that I would get such good bargains in future also.

Tip: Bid always the lowest in the scale provided and then use the extra discounts.

Ashwin Bhavsar

A very flexibile site with amazing discounts

Got an immediate discount of Rs 3000 on his booking and was over the moon. Customer support team was very prompt and changed my dates immediately.

Tip: Just bid and you will always be a winner.

Manish Motwani

Amazing deal at my Favourite hotel in Bangalore

Heard about them through a promotional mailer and checked their credentials. I managed to book my favourite hotel through them at a 30% price lower. Thanks for negotiating such an amazing price. Cheers.

Tip: They have some exciting discounts which can help you save a fortune on your next hotel trip.

Rohit Kohli

30% off at Agra Hilton just Wow

Got an amazing discount on Find My Stay in comparison to other online portals. The team always does a great job to go out of its way to get you the best deal

Tip: They have some amazing last minute deals.

Ganesh Papanna

Close Your eyes and book through Find My Stay

Amazing deal for Mumbai as well as Tirupati . Customer Service executives are very courteous and knowledgable. I always close my eyes and book through Find My Stay rather than doing a circus online

Tip: All there deals are inclusive of breakfast which is a bonus.

Umair Fazal

Saved 20% on my hotel booking for Mumbai

Amazing experience. Saved a lot in comparison to other portals online. Got an inclusive deal with breakfast and airport transfer which was an icing on the cake.

Tip: They have some amazing discounts going on . Always look for that coupon code which is applicable on your booking.

Edward Paul

Rates are just unmatchable

They provide me the best service and the rates are just amazing and the site is easy to use.

Tip: Just give it a chance and you will be tempted to come back again and again.

Avani Thakker

Find My Stay always gives 100% satisfaction

Heard about Findmystay through Econonomic Times which is a no nonsense newspaper and always had an awesome experience. I have even referred it to many of my friends and even they love the site.

Tip: Looking for the best deals look no further than findmystay.com.

Arnab Mallik

A travel site with awesome deals and a personal touch

Read about your website on a travel magazine and decided to give it a try. The deals are awesome and I ended up booking a hotel in Mumbai for Rs 3000. Customer service is really good and they go out of the way to help you and give a personal touch. An amazing experience overall.

Tip: I will advise everyone to try out this site and be rest assured that you will not be disappointed.

Prateek Anand

Just close your eyes and book through Findmystay.com

Accidentaly discovered findmystay . There are some awesome hotel deals everytime I bid . I don’t even compare the rates anymore just close my eyes and book through Findmystay.

Tip: Try them for the flexibility they provide of holding a particular rate for the next 48 hours.

Mandeep Bajaj

Findmystay.com is just magical

I work in a profile where I have to manage the schedules of top officials and Findmystay has been a saviour.

Tip: Bid for the lowest price and you will be in for a surprise.

Rajiv Hazarika

Awesome rates compared to any other travel portal

Awesome booking without any hassles and a very low rate compared to any other online hotel portal.

Tip: Majority of their hotel rates are inclusive of breakfast which is difficult to find anywhere else online.

Vicky Narang

Find My Stay makes me happy everytime I visit their site

Heard about them through my uncle who got an awesome deal in Amritsar. The team at Find My Stay is very proactive and are always there to help you.

Tip: You can stay in a 5 star at the price of a 3 star courtsey of Findmystay.com.

Raja Kolan Reddy

A very userfriendly site with the best deals

I will rate the site 4.5 out of 5 . For Online hotel rates, findmystay.com is without doubt, one of the best.

Tip: Look for those amazing discount coupons available to redeem.

Kritika Chaudhary

Managed to stay in a 5 star hotel at half the price

Saw a promotion online so tried them got a 15% discount on my hotel stay was overjoyed . Thanks to the FMS team for negotiating an awesome deal for me.

Tip: Contact their customer support anytime and they are prompt and always ready to help you.

Ramesh Jain

Saved almost 40% on my hotel stay in Goa

Find My Stay offered me 40% discount in comparison to 25% being offered by other websites online.

Tip: Keep visiting the site and look for new features which make your hotel search so much easier.